Lowest price guarantee

I love the lowest price guarantee at Future Shop. I bought a Linksys router last week at $70 after rebate. This week, the same router goes on sale in Bestbuy for $60 after rebate. It is a $10 difference, so I took my receipt and the Bestbuy advertisement to Future Shop to refund the difference. The customer service line up is a bit long, but still acceptable. The refund process is very straight forward, the difference is deposited back to my credit card after a few signatures. Up to this point, the service is just good but not great. Pat is using the a SMC router and it crashes once a while like mine old one. Since I am quite happy with my Linksys, and she will complain if I buy her a cheaper replacement. I decided to pick up another Linksys from Futureshop, which is $100 not on sales. I took the router to the cashier, and present her with the Bestbuy ad, the cashier was busy chitting with a guy, she mis-read the price in the ad. She thought it is $59 before rebate. Since Futureshop has a police of beat the competitor by 10%, she charge me $54 for the router, then on top of that I still have the $20 rebate. Can you believe I got a Linksys router for just $34? Isn’t Future Shop a great place to shop at?

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  1. What about I give you $41 and you give me your Linksys router? You make 20% profit immediately! Deal?

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