Canucks Out

I went to Canucks game tonight. I am very disappointed that they lose this important game to Sharks. Canucks probably cannot get into the Stanley Cup play off this year. In the first period, we were leading 2-0, I thought it would be easy game to win. Then Sharks tie the score within 2 minutes at the end of first period. In second period, Shark score first and we are behind for a while until we score one goal. We have a lead 4-3 on the 3rd period all the way until the very end, and end up having to play over time. It happens very quick, we just lose to San Jose a few minutes into the over time. The whole stadium is dead silence, everyone looks sad on the way out. This is Pat’s first hockey game, she actually find it quite exciting. It is very different to feel the atomsphere in person than watching it on TV. She won’t mind watch it live once a while. Oh well, the beer and popcorn helps to enhance the experience too. I bought her a souvneir from the Canucks shop, it is a stuffed hockey puck. She wanted a cap, but too bad it doesn’t look good on her. Maybe I should watch one hockey game with Pat per season starting next year, if I could find cheap tickets.

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