I have just installed Mediawiki to my webserver. Mediawiki is the wiki program behind the wikipedia. I would like to give it a try and use wiki to create a library section in my website. I found blog and forum are not very suitable for static pages with regular updates. There is a very steep learning curve in using Wiki. The concept of Wiki is very different from normal webpages we are used to, it is completely dynamic. I am still figuring out what is the best way to present my information. One thing I have to be very careful about is user permssion. I notice Mediawiki doesn’t have very fine control over what user can and cannot do. I have to strike the balance between letting reader intractive with me and preventing spammer clogging up the website. On top of that, Mediawiki is not very good for customization, which is something I wish to have, but probably won’t have time to execute.

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