Recently, Pat digged out her Super NES console and try to finish the Mario Land game pending over 10 years. This get me into conversation about emulator of console on the computer. I tried hard to explain what is an emulator to Pat, but it seems she couldn’t understand. I think the best way to explain is show her what is a emulator. So I downloaded the N64 emulator with over 150 games in ROM. I just tried out some of the N64 games tonight, such as Mariokart, Mario tenis. I found that I can still enjoy the games despise those games are 7-8 years old and the graphics is dated. In fact, in some sense those games are more fun that the overly complicated games these days. I wonder what progress has the gaming industry made in all these years. All they have done is just remaking the same game with better graphics. There is no new type of game play emerged since real time strategy and online RPG games. If the gaming industry don’t start having more innovation, I can see the end of gaming is coming. Why pay for similiar games again and again, year after year? Why can’t we just play the old games we had never played before?

3 thoughts on “N64”

  1. Marioland is a game that accompanies me through teenage…

    I’m into the graphic type, but story type of games! But life has been busy, I wish that I have a bit more time ‘to kill’ for playing the games now to compare and see… =)

  2. Since Nintendo released Wii, I have to take back my statements in the blog entry. Wii gives gamers totally new gaming experience, and I don’t see the end of creativity in new forms of game play in near future with Wii.

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