Glance of love

Today at lunch, I heard a rumour from the usual source of all information. The rumour is about a secret admirer to another girl. According to the rumour, there is guy thinks that the girl likes him, because he found she glanced at him many times. The girl seems to have no impression about that guy, neither do us. Whether the rumour is true or not is not my concern. I would like to point out one obvious fact. If the guy is not looking at the girl, how does he know that she is glancing at him? If glancing imply a crush and from the fact that the guy glanced at the girl, it implies the guy likes the girl. It is natural for man to fantasy about girls. He may imagine his crush actually likes him, try to read traces from thin air to justify his emotion. It is acceptable if he hide all of this in his heart or take action to turn it into reality with his own hand. However, what good can it do by telling this to a friend of that girl? Unless the guy is a total loser in love, it makes absolutely no sense to confirm whether the girl likes him or not from a third party. I think this rumour is just a creation aims to bring us some good laughs.

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