Balloon twisting

I learnt balloon twisting from Vancouver school board many years ago and never used the skill once. Tonight finally I can apply what I learnt, so the couse is not totally useless. Tonight WCCCLC has 10th anniversary reunioin dinner and fund rasing. Somehow someone knows I learnt balloon twisting, so they ask me to help out. I also donated the bag of balloon I have bought for years, it is sitting in my closet anyways. I had forgot how to twist the more complicate things, but simple stuff is good enough for this kind of event. I reviewed a few designs before the dinner, the easier one such as doggy, bear, flower and hats. A friend came to the dinner early and found it very interesting. So I taught her the few easy and she help me out at the counter. I gave balloons to all kids coming to the dinner, the parent are free to donate whatever they feel like. Usually people pay $2-$5 per balloon. I found flower is the most popular design, espeically to little girls. Actually, the balloons are quite attractive to the not-so-young girls too. Many friends ask for one, they even request it in the colour they like. I have a good mood tonight, since I share happiness to everyone in the dinner through ballon twisting.

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