I recieved a good news from my housemate back in Waterloo, he had just passed his thesis defense and becoming Dr. Ha. Congradulations! This year, I have two friends graduating from their doctoral degree. Dr. So I know back in Lasalle and this friend. Both of them do research in engineering, and both of them joined research lab of big companies. I guess only big companies can afford research lab, and only the cutting edge works of the research labs need Ph.D. Think about the work in my company, it is simpily a waste of talent for a Ph.D. I know a few Ph.D. at work, their work is pretty the same as everyone else. I bet if they didn’t go to grad school but join the workforce instead, they would have climbed higher in the coperate ladder by now. The market for Ph.D. is quite small in engineering, either research lab or teaching. I really admire those who have the courage and determination to studying Ph.D. I want to have a Dr. title too but this is really a stretching goal for me.

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