I have a friend who is extremely annoying. He can manage to get on your nerve on every single sentence he says. I am not the only one feel like this. His best friend from highschool, his ex-housemate, almost everyone around him feel the same. I was sort of used to him annoyance when I hang out with him every week back in Toronto. Since I have moved to Vancouver for a few years, I havn’t been bugged him that much and I slowly lost my immunity toward his rudeness. When I have to spend a weekend with him, I almost hit the breaking point of my temper. You all know I have mild temper with good patient, so you can imagine how untolerable my friend is. I was talking to two of his good friends the other day, we all wonder why we bother to be-friend with him. The only logical conclusion is to explain it by karma, we must have owned him from the previous life. I can 100% guarantee, if I know this guy today, he have no chance be my friend. It just happened that I know him over 10 years, so I manage to accept him. Oddly enough, he is one of my best friends. I guess life is always full of mystery.

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  1. JPII states, “One should remember during a chilly dispute that it is better to keep quiet, to keep in check a complaint, or to use a milder word instead of stronger, because one knows that the stronger word, once it is out, will relieve, it is true, the tension of the irritated nerves, but will also leave its darkening shadow behind.”

    Hope you understand what I mean =) Rather than accepting your friend is a fact of fate, wouldn’t it be better if you can take the agony time to pray for the Light in your friendship, so that gives you inspirations of compassion for taking the friendship to the next level (rather than staying superficially and still complaining about the closeness)?

    Pls recite the Mysteries of Light:
    1. The Baptism in the Jordan
    2. The Wedding at Cana
    3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
    4. Transfiguration
    5. The Institution of the Eucharist

    We should definitely have the need to pray more together. With Love!

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