Da Vinci aftermath

Today the movie Da Vinci’s code has became one of the most talked topics at work. Apparently many people has already seen the movies over the opening weekend. It seems many of them shares the same disappointment as I do. Somehow the conversation leads to the appearance of Jesus during lunch. One of my christian friend quote the book of Isaiah claiming Jesus doesn’t look good. Me and another christian disagree. Jesus gota look at leat ok, otherwise how can he be charming leader attract thousands of fellowers? I use the movie Passion of Christ as a counter example. We all know James Caviezel is really handsome. Then she claim that Mel Gibson havn’t seen Jesus, I counter argue the arthor of Isaiah havn’t seen Jesus either. Then she said the book of Isaiah is written with guidance of holy spirit. I said how do you know Mel Gibson doesn’t thave the guidance of holys spirit as well? The conversation stops here and change to some other topics. However, this thought experiment exactly point out the problem of the christianity facing today. How can we know the Bible’s record of Jesus is more trust-worthy than Passion? There is no proof nor evidence other than mere word of mouths to believe in the authority of the Bible. In fact, I think the movie Passion is more accurate in historial sense than the 4 Gospels. Mel Gibson has spent years on research trying to make the movie faithfuly represent Jesus’ last moment using many sources outside of the Bible. On the other hand, the 4 Gospels are heavily edited propaganda from the church trying to brainwash the fellowers instead of merely telling the truth.