I attended a very rare event tonight. My friend is ordinated as a Catholic priest. A Catholic priest cannot get marry, so the importance of ordination is equivalent to his wedding. Actually it is even more important, become a priest also marks the end of the many years studies in seminary school. Ordination is indeed a wedding plus a Ph.D. gradulation. The ceremony is held in a church sharing the same name as my friend, what a coincident. I think almost every priest in the Vancouver archdiocese had come. The mass is celebrated by the archbishop. It is much longer than a normal marriage mass, it has many more rituals. It is a big event for the church too. The last time they have an ordination there is almost thirty years ago. The ordination followed by reciption with food and wine , as well as photo session, just like a normal wedding. There is one thing extra though, the newly ordinated priest gave us special blessing. I don’t have any other friends who has a vocation call. Probably this is a once in a life time interesting experience to attend an ordination of a friend. The lack of priest is one of the biggest problem of the Catholic Church. The sacrifice of being a priest is hugh, you simplily can’t touch woman for the rest of your life. On one hand I admire the determination for those who choose the life of celebrancy, on the other hand, I seriously doubt whether their have a normal mind.