I have a very very serious problem of procastination. Tomorrow is the deadline for P.Eng application, and I just finished writing the work experience summary at 1:30a.m. the night before. I have over a month to work on this application and I just couldn’t get myself toegether to work until this weekend. Actually, I didn’t work very hard over the weekend, spent most of the time idling in front of the computer. Althought I had been thinking about how to write the application, had all the main points outlined in my brain, it is still a pain to write down everything I have done at work in the past 6 years. Writing this application gives me a chance to examine my way I came from and how I arrive at today’s place. I am glad that I had make some good progress since I graduated, not exactly walking in circle as I would assume. Looking at the past helps me to reflect and plan ahead. I wish I could have make more progress in all these years. I have to make up my mind, be more discinple to accelerate my progress in the coming years.