Which theologian are you?

I found this interesting test on the web. This is my result.

You scored as Friedrich Schleiermacher.

You seek to make inner feeling and awareness of God the centre of your theology, which is the foundation of liberalism. Unfortunately, atheists are quick to accuse you of simply projecting humanity onto ‘God’ and liberalism never really recovers.

Friedrich Schleiermacher 73%
Augustine 67%
Paul Tillich 60%
Charles Finney 60%
John Calvin 53%
J’rgen Moltmann 53%
Anselm 33%
Jonathan Edwards 27%
Karl Barth 27%
Martin Luther 20%

I am not surprise to find my thoughts is very similiar to a liberial theologian. This is what I always proclaim my beliefs afterall. St. Augustine comes into the 2nd place is probably due to my Catholic background. On many trivial issues, that I don’t really care about, my thoughts are largely influenced by the Catholic theology.

Here is the link to the test.