Summer is here, it is over thrity degrees for the past few days. This morning when I came to work, I found the air condition was not working on my side of the building. The temperature went up when the morning sun heated up the the building. My cubicle was so hot that I can’t even concentrate. Everyone in my aisle end up lining up in front of Starbucks for an ice frappuccino. I suspect the break down of AC is a conspiracy of Starbucks, so we have to buy their chilled drinks. The AC is finally repaired after lunch. The heat made me not very productive in the whole morning. Hot summer without AC is just like living in hell. Global warming is getting worse and worse, and summer will only get hotter and hotter. People will have to stay indoor during the day in summer time if this trend continues. We have to prepare for the worst and the governments should spend more in large scale environment control researchs. Methods to change the weather, balance the rain fall, redirect hot or cold wind front is the only solution to our environmental problems.