Conference 2nd day

Today I slept in and missed the moring session. It the same old boring stuff anyways. When I arrived Shareton, the hotel pub is showing Worldcup, German vs Italy. There was a big crowd of conference attendee watching the game. So I joined the group and watched German lost to Italy 2 minutes before the end of the the game in extra time. I end up only listen to 4-5 papers in the afternoon session. There was a banquet tonight in the conference. The quality of the food is about the same as yesterday. I don’t know it is the problem of Shareton, or the organizers are too cheap to order better food for us. I found that in the reception and banquet, the professors mostly talk to other professors, while the students hang out with each other. It suppose to be a networking event, but I don’t see any value in it. I would probably forget those people the moment I walk out the door. In the banquet, I was sitting next to a Swiss guy teaching in a Taiwan university. His Manadrin is really good. It is fun to hear something about the Taiwan culture from the eyes of a Gwai Lo.