Garbage dump

This morning, I helped Pat threw away some years old garbage sitting in her garage, like old wood fence, door removed from renovation, broken excerise machine. The garbage is so big that we have to deliver it to the city garbage dump ourself. This trip to the garbage dump is an eye opening experience. The dump yield charges desposible fee by weight. There are drive thru scales weight your car before you get in and weight it again when you get out. I can only use horrific to describe scenery inside the garbage dump. There is literally a garbage mountain as big as a hockey rink and several stores high. The smell is obviously bad, but it is the amount of garbage shocks me. There are excavators, bulldozers working hard to pile up the garbage to free up rooms to receive more garbage. Dump trucks unload truckfull of garbage directly to the mountain. There are people dump small amount of residential garbage at the edge of the garbage mountain. This dramatic view pounder me to think about our environmental problem. Try to imagine how can we deal with all those garbages. The first response I have is that men have to create less garbage. Recycling is a really good idea. After I have calmed down a bit, the rational side of me came back. Proceduring less garbage is not very practical without significately lower our living standard. We really should focus on how to get rid of the garbage. The only solution I can think of is garbage fussion, covert all the mass of the garbage into pure energy. Garbage is really a serious problem and only technology can find a solution for the survival of mankind.