Wisdom Teeth

Finally, it is the time to say good bye to my wisdom teeth. I thought I could live happily without having them removed. However they start bothering me since a few months ago. It is not toothache, but I sorta feel funny about them. Last week when I have my dental check, the dentist took a X-ray for my whole jaw. He said that I will have to take them out eventually. So I decided it is better to remove them sooner than later. Today I have the consultation session with the oral surgent. It turns out that I can only remove 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth. The remaining bury deep down and contact with my nerves. It could be complicate to remove it. The surgent said there is only a 2% change that teeth will ever have problem. It doesn’t worth the risk. I have scheduled my surgery next Thursday. That won’t be a pleasent experience. On my way home, I just couldn’t stop asking why human has wisdom teeth. I guess wisdom teeth is a perfect counter argument against intelligent design. Why would God design something that bring us so much trouble. Wisdom teeth can only be explained by evolution. Our pre-historic ancestor has better jaws and their tooth wear off easily due to poor dental hygiene, therefore having some extra tooth could be useful.