Wisdom teeth removal

I just come back from removing my wisdom teeth. My gum is still bleeding, but it should stop after a while. The removing of the wisdom teeth is actually less scary than I had expected. Literally, I sat down at the dental chair, poked a needle and I fall asleep. The next thing I know the wisdom teeth is gone, I have some gauze dressing inside my mouth. Before I have anesthesia, I feel a bit worry. The idea of being put into unconcious is foriegn to me. Unlike sleep, you voluntarily falls asleep and you know you can wake up anytime. When you are under anesthesia, you can only trust the doctor that you will ever wake up again. The last thought I had in my mind is to tell myself I will wake up again. Maybe this is the same feeling I will have when I face my death, the only difference is I don’t know whether I will wakeup again. After I woke up, I felt a bit disoriented at first. I ran some BIST (built-in-self-test), like moving my arms, looking around, try to remember why I am here to confirm I am still alive and the same horace before I put to sleep. The anesthesia experience makes me think about problems on life and death, what is conscious, what is my identity, the issues I learnt in my metaphysics class. Now I am back home, taking some rest and fight the hunger for not able to eat solid food for the next few days. This maybe the chance for me to get rid of my big tummy.