I havn’t sung karaoke for ages. Michael visit Vancouver this weekend and he wanted to sing Karaoke so much that I booked a room speically for him. I asked Verona to come along since we need more female voice other that Pat and I know she like singing Karaoke very much too. Michael, who was my TA when I was back in Waterloo, actually knows more new songs than me, and some of his younger friends. We have to resort to singing Hacken Lee or Jacky Cheung after a few songs, but he can still sing the latest hits that I unheard of. My songs list is not very up-to-date, I can only sing a few new songs form Jan Lam or Justin. Tonight was really fun. I don’t know when will be the next time for me to sing Karaoke. People at our age just stop going to Karaoke. I remember I used to sing Karaoke every weekend when I was in unversity. If I did pratice so much back then, how come my singing skill is still so bad? Anyways, singing is just half of the fun going to Karaoke, the second half is to torture your friends. Other than I feel quite hungry half way during karaoke, the removal of my wisdom teeth didn’t affect my singing at all. I think I am almost back to normal other than I still cannot chew anything.