Yard work

Last year when we went to World Youth Day, we had a fund raising auction dinner. One of the auction item is the whole group served as slave labour for the winning family. Today we came to fullfill our promise. Our task is to do yard work. It is the most horrible backyard I had ever seen. At the back of the house, we couldn’t see the sky, vines and trees block all sun light, it’s like a jungle. The grass on the ground is at least 2-3 feet long. There is a small hut with junk hiding behind, but no one can in get there until we cut the plants blocking the way. We have to cut down all but two trees, clean up the yard so the owner can rennovate the backyard he inherited from the previous owner. We worked physically labour the whole day, . We even have to use chain saw and slaght hammer to take the down big tree and the hut.
It takes 4 loads of a Ford pickup truck to deliver all the garbage to the garbage dump. We are all exhausted at the end of the day. The owner is really please since it is the first time he saw the fence since he bought the house. I havn’t had that much excerise in a long time. The owner really got his donation worth the money. Afterall, it is nice to together with the WYD group. The yard work is tough but it is quite fun doing it together as a group.