In order to renovate my website, I have to make a few though decision.? One of them is which language should I use.? No, I don’t mean English or Chinese, I mean programming language to server dynamic content.? Using PHP is one of the obvious choice.? However I feel that PHP is just a hugh collection of libraries.? There is not much learning value since anyone can be a PHP programmer if he is armed with the reference manual.? ASP or JSP is another candidate, they are similiar to PHP, but since I am not using IIS nor Tomcat, it is too much trouble to setup the environment.? Writing CGI in Perl or C++ is so old fashioned plus it is really inconvinient, so it is out of question.? I have considered tcl, which is the language I most familiar with.? However I think I should learn something new instead, plus I am alreadying writing too many tcl code at work.? Then one language comes to my mind, Ruby.? It supposes to be the most powerful object oriented scripting language with the best of everything, maybe except speed.? I read that with the Rails library, it allows very rapid web development using the built-in SQL data structure.? I decided to embrace this language.? It seems to the be work horse behind web2.0 and is endosed by O’Reilly.? I think Ruby could be the white knight saving the web from the evil .NET proposed by Microsoft .? I just start reading the tutorials and wrote the “hello world” excerise.? I hope I will have a better idea in a few weeks after I had learnt more about it.

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