SPCA Walkathon

[thumb:1830:l] It is one of the unusual Sundays that I wake up early in the morning. The whole family, including me, Pat, her brother and the two dogs went to SPCA walkathon. We were there on time but we couldn’t find the registration so we end up late to the walkathon. The dogs already left so we followed the trail to catch up with them. We met them on the half way when they are coming back. We were managed to join the line up for the final quarter of the walkathon. There were many fun activities after all the dogs came back. As usual, there were many exhibition booths from various dog supply shops. There were agility courses and dogs race against each other. We had a good time and left after watching a few shows. Charlie is really tired after a long walk today so he was really quiet on the way way. It is fun to have some excerise on Sunday morning and see many cute dogs. Too bad that this walkathon is not as big as the one I went last time.
[thumb:1840:l] [thumb:1837:l][thumb:1839:l]

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