Today at lunch, my friend made a common saying I have too many theories.? I forgot since when I start trying to theorize everything I come across.? A theory is nothing more than its explanation power.? I am trained as an engineer, I have a firm believe on things can and should be explained.? Many other engineers would stop applying their science sense outside of their field of work.? Then I came across philosophy and learn that almost everything things most people think as fundamental can actually can be further examined.? Many philosophers would only interest in their research topic.? Cross over engineering with philosophy breeds an very interesting character of myself.? Engineering is applied science, use scientific theory to solve problems in the world.? We can do the same to philosophy, apply philosophical theory to solve other problems in the world.? If there is a problem, there is always a solution.?? The problems in engineering usually is building something to serve some purpose.? The problems in philosohpy is very different, it uses reasons to convince people to accept your point of view, since we can’t directly measure how the problems are solved in philosophy.

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