Stevenson Village

Today I visited the Stevenson Village in Richmond.? I went there last time at night, there was nothing much too see after dark.? This time, I with Pat went in the morning and discovered the fisherman market.? Many fish boats come to Stevenson Village in the morning with freshly caugh fishes.? A hugh tuna 2-3 foot long only only cost $30.? There are also boat loads of shrimps, salmon and many different other fishes.? We bought a bag of Ikura for only $4.? The bag have enough Ikura to make at least 10 sushi.? We had a fest on Ikura.? It is the first time I eat so much Ikura that I found it quite filling.? We had lunch in Sockeye City at water front.? We sat on the boardwalk with nice habour view.? I ordered fish and chips, Pat ordered calamari salad.? It is a bit pricy, probably due to the location, but the food taste good.? We walked around Steveson Village for a while before heading to the church for the post-camp.? I lived in Vancouver for almost 6 years and yet there are still places surprise me in town.? Vancouver is a very interesting place, only if you care to explore all the different places.

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