Where to studying

I can’t study at home.? There are just too many distraction at home.? Most of time, I will just sit in front of my computer instead of doing my reading.? One of my favourate study place is bubble tea cafe.? I go there on average one evening a week to prepare my reading for school.? The food there is just so-and-so, however bubble tea cafe is the few places people will hang out there doing their own thing.? My only complain is the light is too dim in all but one table.? I can study in noise place, as long as the background noise cancel out each other so that it doesn’t grep my attention.? Actually bread garden has a better studying environment, but it has nothing to eat.? Ok, they have sandwitch but sandwitch is not real food.? I am too lazy to move again after having dinner, otherwise it would be a perfect spot.? There is a common lounge in my apartment, it is very quiet.? I should try studying in there sometimes.? The only trouble is that the door lock automatically at 10p.m.? On weekends, I like to study in public library.? Library is the most natural place to study.? However, I have to constraint myself not to browse the books shelves too much.? I allow myself to read books only in breaks between studies.? Very often, I end up borrowing books from the library after studying.? I have bought too many books already, I really need to catch up with my reading.? When I lived close to SFU, I like to study in school too, but it is too far away for me now.? My ideal place to study is a quiet cafe serve real food, with good lighting and opens late.? I doubt I can ever find such a place.? Those requirements contradicts with bussiness sense.

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