Persian food

Tonight I went to a Persian resturant to have dinner? The resturant is at the street corner of Pat’s place.? Pat always wanted to try it.? It was an Indian resturant before.? According to my theory, Chinese guy doesn’t eat Indian food, I refuse to go there although Pat asked a few times.? Actually, we don’t know the resturant had changed to serve Persian food.? All I can see is it had rennovated and have some weird characters on the sign.? I can’t tell the difference between Indian script from Persian script, so I assume it is still an Indian resturant.? Originally, we wanted to go to the chinese resturant on the same plazza, but it was really full.? Pat suggested to check out that place.? It has no customer.? We were checking out the menu.? The food doesn’t look like Indian and it sounds a little bit like Greek.? The shop owner come out and invite us to come inside.? Knowing it is not Indian food, I decide to give it a try.? The food is indeed very much like Greek food.? We ordered chicken and beef kabab.? It come with rice, vegetable and salad, just like Greek sovlaki.? The only difference is the rice is bigger, and have grilled vegetable.? The shop owner knows how to do bussiness.? He think we may find the portion of food too small, he gave us extra rice.? Then he give us a $2 discount off from the bill.? The place is quiet and the setting is very comfortable.? The food is ok but not exceptionally good.? I won’t mind revisit this resturant again in the future, however I still prefer chinese food or normal western cuisine more.

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