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31st Oct 2006 - 08:19pm Daily Scribble
Every year, there are the same halloween traditions. Trick or treats, wearing costume, pumpkin carving, and firewall. My company have a pumpkin carving contest for halloween. I didn’t play but there are some very creative art work.…

Nature of love

30th Oct 2006 - 09:55pm Daily Scribble
Here is an abrigded version of my speech for tomorrow’s toastmaster on folktale story telling. This is a story from Plato’s Symposium about the nature of love. Once upon a time, human has very different nature from what we are today.…

Relaxing yet stressful weekend

29th Oct 2006 - 08:00pm Daily Scribble

Surprise party

26th Oct 2006 - 06:25pm Daily Scribble
Ok. I must admit that I blew my friend’s surprise birthday party again this year. Last year, I asked him an innocent question that where are we going to have dinner on his birthday. This year I asked the same innocent question again in front…

Three levels of ethics

25th Oct 2006 - 07:59pm Daily Scribble
I have been asked the question about ethics twice in a week. It all started with I brough a brochure of books about ethics from a philosophy conference to work. Somone saw the front page of the brochure without reading into it asked me am I very ethical…

Horatio Sunchest

24th Oct 2006 - 07:43pm Daily Scribble

Computer for Schools

23rd Oct 2006 - 05:45pm Daily Scribble

Free printer is not free

22nd Oct 2006 - 08:54pm Daily Scribble

Taste of reading

21st Oct 2006 - 07:45pm Daily Scribble

Anime overdose

20th Oct 2006 - 10:42pm Daily Scribble
Finally I finished watching the first eposide of all anime released this season and wrote a short critic for each of them. It is really a extraordinary task. Normally, I only select the anime I have interest to watch, never step out the genre I…