Scotch friday

In my previous project there was a tradition.? Every friday afternoon, the team get together in a meeting room to drink Scotch.? The first few bottle is by the generosity of the manager, later people take turn and contribute the bottles, especially when they travel.? This fun and team motivating event stopped when the project becomes very busy, then later everyone move into different projects.? A few team members join my current project, and one of them won a $50 spot light award for giving ideas to increase productivity.? He kinda donated the award money to a fine bottle of Scotch, and the friday afternoon drinking is revived.? I still have half a bottle left from the previous project, so I bring it to the meeting as well.? The whole team just sit by the table, drink and chat.? It has really good atomsphere.? The manager and even the director join us by hearing our laughters and smelling the drink down the hallway.? Those come to the meeting early bring their own glass.? The few people come in late has no glass.? First they say they don’t want to drink, just join us for the chatter.? Then I took the trouble to bring over some glasses from the cafeteria and everyone start drinking.? Not drinking is just an excuse of having no glass.? Unless those who are allegic to alcohol, no one will stay dry on this moderate social drinking event.

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