1800 words

After flying way to Hawaii to have fun last weekend, I have to pay back in this long weekend.? I asked for an extension for my philosophy essay which suppose to due last Thursday.? So I spent most of my time home writing my assignment on John Stuart Mill and his political philosophy classic On Liberty.? The essay requires 1800 words.? It is the longest philosophy essay I have ever written.? The professor is very kind.? He outline the structure of the essay for us.? First we have to define Mill’s thesis and repoduce his arguments, then we have to criticize his arguments and come up with his potential responses.? At last, of couse we have to conclude the essay by stating whether Mill successful defense his thesis.? The criticism part is not hard, the potential response part quite tricky especially when your mind is pre-occupied with how to defeat his argument.? I think the ability of arguing back and forth inside one’s mind is must to be a philosophor.? You can’t always throw your half baked thesis to your opponents to test the water.? At first I thought writing 1800 words would be really though.? I found that by breaking up the essays into managable chuck of 200 words each make it easier to write.? At the end I have to leave out quotes from the text and two of my four arguments to meet the word limit.? I have enough material to develope it into a 3000 words essay.? Another trick to make writing essay easier is format the essay only after you are done.? Write the essay in single space not only allow you see more of your arguments on screen and help stimulating your train of thoughts.? It has a positive psycological effect makes you feel like you are not writing an assignment but merely writing your blog or replying in internet forums.? It is less stressful to B.S. in the net than write for grades.

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