Anime overdose

Finally I finished watching the first eposide of all anime released this season and wrote a short critic for each of them. It is really a extraordinary task. Normally, I only select the anime I have interest to watch, never step out the genre I am so comfortable. This exercise of sampling every single anime is really an eye opener for me. I broaden my knowledge in anime and I learnt to appreciate other’s taste. Out of the 20+ anime showing this season, only a handful of them are truely master piece applies to almost everyone. Then it is followed by some winners of each genre but their markets are limited due to audience’s perference. The first quater can stand the test of time and will have rewatch value. Over half of the anime are factory mass production comes in formulate of different packaged plot, character design, mecha, gimmich. These majority are pure entertainment commodity, conusmed, enjoy and then forget by the audience. In the bottom, there are about a quarter of the anime are truely garbage. They have absolutely no value, should avoid like plague. I don’t think I will ever do this again. It is just too demanding to watch everything and no need to mention sometimes it is actually boring. That’s why anime review is so important which helps me select what I really want to watch. I truely appreciate their honourable work in serveing all the anime fans.

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