Return of foosball

The game room at work finially finish its renovation. So I can resume my normal routine of playing foosball at work. I find the lack of foosball actually affect my productivity last week. I just keep thinking about the foosball table, and subconciously check out the game room from time to time. I am sure the other ping-pong addicts agree with me that it feel meaningless at work without the game room. Actually I don’t play foosball very much, only a session after lunch and after work. I don’t like waiting at the table, so I would go back to work if there are more the one pair of players waiting. The amount of time I play each day depends on my luck or the skill level of my partner. I will simpily go back to work after winning a couple of games or have no hope to win any game. Anyways, my work routine is back to normal now. The good thing is my foosball skill actually improved quite a bit. Although I still lose to the best player most of the time, but at least I can stand a chance if I am lucky that day.

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