I found having numbers in articles or speech really turn people off.? I observe it from my reaction when I am reading finance blogs and from today’s toastmaster meeting.? The normal flow of human reception of knowledge follows words instead of numbers.? It is ok to use number to emphasis your point or to stress your point.? However, throwing out number as merely unanalyzed data should be avoided.? The listen or reader have to stop his train of thoughts and switch his brain to analyze the data.? Most of the time, he will just lose concentration and the focus never comes back.? Number is helpful if you want to examine the points given by the writer or speaker.? Therefore it is preferable to put it in a seperate table in writing or use slide when giving a speech.? Actually there is only one thing worse than numbers, equations.? It is because equations require a lot more brain power to process if it is on paper and hopeless confusing if you try to say it.

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