Water crisis

The city of Vancouver issued a water warning today.? Due to heavy rain in the past few days, the reservior are contaminated.? The tap water is not drinkable and in fact it has brownish colour.? It is advised to boil and filter drinking water.? Actually, the tap water is not totally undrinkable, it won’t kill you.? The worse can happen is you will get sick for a few days.? Anyways, better safe than sorry, I went to supermarket to buy some bottle water after school tonight.? Not surprised, all bottle water are gone.? There are a few boxes left on the top shelf, but no one operate the fork lift to bring them down.? My water hunt turn to a nearby drug store.? Luckily the cashier was bringing out the last cart of bottle water.? I grepped two boxes immediately.? One for myself and one for pat.? So my drinking water supply is secured for at least 2-3 days.? The city should able to clean up the reservior by then.? City people like myself always take tap water for granted.? We never wonder what life will be without tap water.? Probably we couldn’t last more than a week if tap water is dry.? Water crisis is a serious threat to modern society.? I won’t mind paying the premium of regulated water company to ensure reliability.? Leaving water supply to pure market force is too risky, same argument for regulating other vital utilities like electricity or gas.? In longer term, Canada should still have adequate water resources.? Other countries will have serious shortage of water.? The next world war may not triggered by oil, which replacement energy is on the horizon.? It could triggered by regional conflicts fighting over scares water supply.

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