Yesterday PS3 officially on sale in Canada.? As expected, it ran out of stock within the first 15 minutes.? I never own a console, and I am not planning to own one ever.? I just find people line up over night just to get the latest console unbelievable.? Well, I can understand if they line up to make a profit.? The PS3 is sold on eBay as high as $5000 a piece, where the original price is only $650.? Almost 8 times the profit, not bad for just twelve hours of waiting in line.? What I really don’t understand is why someone what to get PS3 right now.? There is no great release title come with PS3, only 4 medioce games.? If you can wait a few months, so that you can get it at the offical price with having to line up over night.? I doubt how many people own a 1080p HDTV to utilize the graphics power of PS3, never mind the dual TV support.? Probably it will be the most useless feature of PS3, who will buy two HDTV and put them side by side in the same room?? If no user has this setting, no game developer will make games for it.? The blue-ray disc drive come with PS3 is also useless.? There is no blue-ray movies out there.? By the time blue-ray becomes popular, you can except to find $100 blue-ray player in Costco. People may buy PS3 just for the sake of show off, demostrate they own the latest game console.? I won’t envy those who own PS3, I will simply laugh at their foolishness.? Owning PS3 right now only implies the lack of intelligence.? Why keep the console if you can make an instant profit of several thousand dollars?

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