Religion and politics

In western culture, there are two topics your generally avoid with new friends.? They are religion and politics.? The reason not to talk about these two topics is to avoid unnecessary conflicts.? Religion and politics involves fundamental values of each person, which everyone may be different.? It is almost impossible to determine the objective right or wrong of those value without going through boring acedamic discussion span across all the spectrums in philosophy.? Instead, people choose to defense their value subjectively following their emotion.? If the party involved do not know when to stop the discussion before it gest too deep, most often the conflict between values will turns into flaming wars ended with personal insult.? The good thing about internet is you can talk about your religion and political viewpoint all you like with out fear jeopadizing any relationship.? Your opponent may hate you from the guts because you deny their value of existance, but they can’t do anything to harm you.? If the discussion turns into insults, you can just simpily ignore him.? You can’t ignore people you meet in real life.? The most thing you get from dicussion religion and politics on the internet is you get a sample of how people with different values will response.? If you can’t void those topics in real life, you know what is the best way to steer away from the hot spots that lead to conflicts.

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  1. Discussing religion and politics is a very good means to get to understand people better, if they don’t get personal. We should be aware everyone has different values, and we should respect that. Defending your value often has the side effect of attacking others. We should learn to be more open-minded.

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