Popular Camera

I just found out flictr has a feature showing the most popular camera among its users.? It is surprise to see in the catagory of compact cameras, the top 5 positions all belongs to Canon.? To think a little bit more, actually this outcome is quite reasonable.? In the professional camera catagory, it is a even split between Canon and Nikon.? However the compact line of Nikon camera is just so and so.? So Canon is naturally recommanded when new buyers who don’t know much about cameras asking advices from their photographer friends.? Compact cameras from Sony and Panasonic seems quite popular, at least they runs lots of advertisement.? The problem for Sony is their camera is over priced and use their proprietary memory stick, which is quite inconvinient.? Panasonic is famous for their house hold electronics like rice cooker and microwave, customer won’t have much confidence in their digital camera yet.? The market of camera is perfect demotration of the power of prosumers, who are usually the early adopters or the hobbists.? They are usually the opinion leader among general consumers.? Winning their support can swing the market share to your advantage by a large margin.? Here is the link to flickr’s camera data.

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