Some of my friends at work received an email from the facility group asking them are they willing to change their phone extension.? The Japanese office has moved to a new office, they want to be reached by dailing internal number.? The computer service would to forward the calls from a block of continous extension to Japan to minimize their work in setting up the VoIP server.? I think the sloppiness of the computer service department is no excuse causing trouble to other employees.? It is not technically impossible to leave the extensions backward compabtable.? They just want to save a few hours of work setting up the VoIP server.? Changing your extension at work is quite disruptive.? You have to tell all your friends you have a new extensions and print new business cards.? Not to mention that printing new business card require a few level of management approval for those of us who don’t have to see any cilents.? Time wasted by all the affacted employees would combined is more than the time saved by not setting up the VoIP server properly.? Never mind that the time cost is higher in engineering department than in the CS department.? They could probably get the co-op to simple jobs like configuring the VoIP server.

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