First snow of 2006

This year snow falls on Vancouver much earlier than usual.? It is only november and we have our first snow fall.? I used to live in Toronto and I am used to having everywhere covers in white during the winter.? People here in Vancouver are not used to snow, so they think having a snow day is a big deal.? The street is empty, many people stay at home avoid going out and the few cars on the road are driving much slower than usual.? Other than the inconvinience having to shovel snow, I actually like snow.? Sunshine is good only if I want to have outdoor activities on that day.? Raining is quite annoying since the noise of the rain is quite and make everywhere wet.? Snow is quite and dry.? You feel so peaceful by looking out to the street from inside a comfort warm place.? You feel contented.? No need to mention I loves skiing more than any summer sports.? The first snow fall marks the beginning of the skiing season.? I will take out my skis tomorrow and take them to waxing.? I already planned going to Whistler next saturday.

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