Today, after many procastination, I finally take out my skis and bring them to ski shop for waxing. I was lazy at the end of last season, I didn’t wax it before putting it back into storage, so I have to do it before this season begins. I went to the ski shop I used to go to and there is back logged until next sunday for waxing. The technician only comes in once a week in the ski shop. I guess the volume of waxing in one shop is not enough to support a full time staff. The suddenly fall early snow in november makes people take out their ski and snowboard much earlier than last year. I went to another ski shop to wax my skis. Luckily their technician is in today and clear up most of the back log. So I can pick up the skis by wednesday. I can’t wait to go skiing next week. Too bad that the project havn’t tape out yet. It will look back skipping work to go to ski. If the project stick with its original schedule, it would be finished by now and I can just take some free days off to Whistler.

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