Today is my first snowday in Vancouver.? The HR sent out an email early in the morning encourage employees work from home instead of coming into the office.? Half of the team is not in today.? I found working at home is not very productive.? I end up have a really long lunch and drove my mom to supermarket.? There are just so many distractions and worst of all the network connection is quite slow.? It is impossible to debug any waveform at home.? I can only do some maintance of the testbench involves only text editing.? It is nice to stay home and relax for an extra day.? In order to leave the impression I am actually working hard at home, I keep sending emails every couple of hours.? Even I finish the work, I would send out the emails slowly and seperated by some time interval.? I don’t think working from home is feasible.? Unless you live alone and have a home office, so no one will borther you.

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