Both the headlights of my car are burned.? One of them was burned for a few weeks, I didn’t bother take it to repair until the next service appointment.? The other headlight was burned last night, so I have no choice but take it back to the service center.? It is quite dangerous to drive in the dark in snowy days.? The fix is very quick only a few took 15 minutes.? It is actually quite easy to change the lightbulb.? I see the serviceman unscrew the cap behind the headlight took out the burned bulb and put back the new one.? The service is quite good, I even got a free light bulb for the tail light since the serviceman didn’t check the warning signal.? I still suspect I was overcharged by the service center since the original light bulb from Volvo is quite expensive.? Later in the afternoon, I checked the web and found generic light bulb cost 40% less.? If any light bulb is burn next time, I will change it myself.? I saw the serviceman how to do it, I should be able to follow the instruction as well.? The only problem is if both headlight are burned, I cannot wait for the new light bulbs come in mail.

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