North garden

Today we tried a new resturant for lunch.? The food is quite similiar to Mui Garden, which is our default resturant for lunch.? The new resturant opens on the location of the bubble tea places, it inherited all the setting, furnitures even the CDs.? It is kinda weird listening lastest pop songs in a HK style cafe.? I am sure they won’t buy any new CDs.? So after a few years, they will be playing out of day pop songs, which better suits its style.? The menu has a larger selection, the price is about the same.? The best thing I like about this resturant is that I can change the drink come with the lunch special for soup.? I like drinking soups, especially the HK style russian soup, more than coffee or tea.? The quality of the food is about the same as Mui, but the portion is better.? Overall, this new resturant wins in every aspect comparing to Mui.? This has replaced Mui and become our new default resturant for lunch.? I wonder what will have to Mui if it lost all the PMC and SFU customers.? It is time for Mui to update its menu, make their lunch special more worth the price.? Competition always leads to improvment.? To the consumers, more competition the better.

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