Outlook training

Today I don’t have to go to work.? Instead I have a training session in SFU downtown campus.? The training is paid by the PMC but offered by a 3rd party training company.? The title of the course is working smart with Microsoft Outlook, which is a bit misleading.? This is actually a course about time management techniques and how to apply those techniques using functions in outlook.? The theory part is mostly common sense.? I have heard those time management rules of thumb many times already.? Sort the tasks into four corners of urgent/non-urgent and important/unimportant, then take difference action from act on it immediately, pospone it, let someone do it or simply ignore it.? The course also teach us how to plan our day around the calender and task list, stay way from the in box, etc.? The instructor showed us are some neat tricks in Outlook, which can be quite handy.
However I won’t force myself to follow those rules.? I believe in fun and flexibility is more important than pure raw productivity.? Productivity is a hygiene factor in overall evaluation of your preformance.? As long as it is above the reasonable standard so that it won’t drag down your rating, any marginal increase in productivity has diminish return.? Anyways, 3rd party training is a free employee benefit, so I gota take it to get most worth out of my work.? Having a day in a classroom with free breakfast and afternoon cookie, chatting to different people from different companies and learning a few somewhat usefull tricks always beats being chained to your cubicle at work.

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