I finally played Wii first handed. Since Wii has released in November, it has became the hottest selling console. Everyone, from newspaper to computer magazines to people’s blogs, all hail to this little white machine. You can read as much as you like about how great it is, but you just have to experience it yourself to truly appreciate Nintendo’s innovation.

I played three different games today, got a very good example on the game plan. We started with the Wii Sport, which comes with the console. Everyone loves this game. Swinging the remote as golf club, tennis racket or baseball bet to play is very intuitive. We found a bug in the tennis game. If you return a serve in a certain way, the other side can never hit the ball. Other than that, the game control is excellent. The bowling game is a bit silly, so we didn’t spend much time on it. The most fun game is boxing. The game is so vigorous that I was sweating from the exercise. I also created my Mii character and have some good laughs. Everyone else created their character trying to resemble how they look. Instead, I created a funny looking one, with hat, sleeping eyes, fly-shape sunglass and a big grin on the face.

The other two games are party games with lots of mini-games.  Most of those mini-games are fun on the first try but get bored quickly.  I am very impressed on how those mini-games use the remote control.  The motion sensor really opens up a new way of game plan, the possibility is only limited by your imagination.  Even the girls who usually not game players enjoy playing Wii, no wonder it is a run away success.  The only complain I have about Wii is the graphics is a bit dated.  The 3D games are very smooth, but you can see the polygon counts is quite low.  Most of the mini-games are made in 2D and the quality is just like the flash games on the web.  Reading from the spec, Wii’s graphic power should cannot match PS3 or XBox360, but it still improved a lot from Game Cube.  I am eager to see a game use its graphic chip to the full potential.  Now I am really interested to try PS3 games, so that I can compare all three 3rd generation consoles.

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  1. Hi, I am from Malaysia. I am doing an assignment regarding Nintendo Wii. As we know it’s competitor are Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and PS3. And teammate and I are argueing about the target audience. Looking forward to your comment about the target audience of Wii. Thanks a lot 😀

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