Today, I came across book sharing website at It is pretty much like, except this one is focus only on books and have a better user interface. is based in HK, which is kinda an unusal place to start a new web 2.0 venture. The website allow users to create and share their books collection. User can enter title of the books, rating and comments, then will take care of the database and provide other information of the book like cover picture, publisher, etc. The website connects users share comon reading interest. The website is still in beta stage, but it has already built up a large book catalog and user base. When first come out, I thought about using it to keep track of my books. However, I found it too inconvinent to use and dropped the idea. seems addressed most problem of Doubai and it also provide easy integration to your blog and export your book shelf in plain HTML for backup. The website is still in its infancy, it needs many improvement. It is still too much hassle to add a book, the book search function is not fast enough. I think can post a serious thread to, which is slowly turning into an anti-intelligent getto. Probably including music and movie reviews is not a good idea, espeically music, it really dumb down the intellectual content of the users.

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