Kung Hei Fat Choy

Today is the Chinese New Year.  I wish all the readers of my blog a prosperous year of pig.  Here in Vancouver, we don’t really have the atomsphere for celebrating of Chinese New Year, except that the Chinese TV is showing special new year program all day long, the Chinese radio is playing those boring new year songs and we will say “Kung Hei Fat Choy” to friends.  Without the 3 days long public holidays as in HK, the Chinese New Year is just seem like a normal weekend to me. This year is the year of pig, however the TV stations in China refrain from showing the lucky pig on TV.  Out of political correctness, some stupid officials in communist government think showing the sign of pigs will offend the Muslim minority in China, thus may cause social unrest.  First of all, although Muslim regards pig as unholy, the officials are simpily worrying too much.  The enlightened Muslim would know to respect the Chinese culture and lives peacefully in the year of pig.  There may be a few retarded Muslim consider the year of pig offending, but they are the one should change their mind.  The majority should not bend to a few obscured mind minority.  In the matter of fact, other than some random writing from an ancient book, the Muslims has no reason to dislike pig in the first place.  Rather than forbidding showing pigs in TV, the Chinese governmetn should call to moderize Muslim in China, encourage the Muslims to embrace pig by correcting the obvious mistaken teaching regarding pigs in Koran.  Just like we have a chinese style socialism, which is essentially capitalism, we should also have a chinese style muslim, in which the believers can enjoy pork and alcohol.

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