BBQ goose

I really miss BBQ goose from HK. Since I moved to Canada, I couldn’t find any restaurant serves BBQ goose. I thought goose is protected birds in Canada, so it is illegal to eat goose and that’s why I couldn’t find BBQ goose anywhere. Today, I tried a new place for lunch in Coquitlam and out of my surprise that restaurant has BBQ goose on their menu. Too bad that they only serve BBQ goose on Friday to Sunday, and you have make reserve one in advance. I made up my mind going back to that place on weekend to try out their BBQ goose. We were discussing the difference between BBQ duck and BBQ goose during lunch. From my memory, BBQ goose is more oily and taste better than BBQ duck, other than that and the size, I really could not tell the difference these two. That restaurant carries the same name as the one in Richmond underneath Superstores on No.3 road. I heard the cook in one restaurant is the teacher of the other, just I don’t who is the teacher and who’s the student. BBQ pork and roast pig from Richmond taste better than the one in Coquitlam, the one I have today is a little bit dry. I am a little bit disappointed that the restaurant does not have sweet sauce for the roast pig. Anyways, this place is much better than our default restaurant. Too bad that it is quite far away and the restaurant only have a few seats, or I will go there for lunch every week.

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