Today I had beer and wings with some colleagues after work to celebrate success of our previous the project.  Between beers, we chatted about environment issues.  The boss talked about a documentary he saw on global warming.  It is the controversal one that calls the environmentalist crying wolfs.  The theory is not new, I have read it somewhere else a few years ago.  The environmentalists think global warming is caused by green house gases, but the theory said the climate change is caused by solar cycle, which is a natural phenomena spanning cycles of a few several hundred years.  Then the documentary accuse the whole environmental industry are created out of thin air to profit from people’s fear of global warming.  Well, the topic could have been a heated debate, but since the boss is in charge of the conversation, I just play safe by repeat what we usualy hear form the mass media to join the converation.  You don’t have to truely agree with the view point you say, it can’t go wrong if the points are on the newspaper and everyone knows those points as facts.  People will preceived you have said something intelligent but in fact you are just being a recorder without giving too much thoughts.  When in doubt or want to hide your ture self, side with the majority, so that you don’t have to think about how to defense your points.  The burden of proof is always in the side of the minority.

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