Reviews and Critics

Since I started writing blog, I have been writing reviews and critics for books I read, movies, TV series and anime I watched.  Writing reviews and critics force myself to reflect on the informative I receive.  Instead of passively consume the materials, and then forget all about it in a few months, I produce something in return.  The books, movies, TV and anime are stimulus to my mind, through the story or ideas in them, they help me to discover the world.  Recently, I found I had reached a plateau in writing reviews and critics.  My reviews and critics is becoming more and more mechanic and I am repeating myself.  It could be the case that most of the stuffs out there are more or less the same old stuff.  Just mass entertainment product created from the talent assembly line of Hollywood or the publishing industry.  But it is more likely I am the person who run out of creativity.  I read reviews and critics on the internet writing about the same stuff I wrote, I found others reviews or critics are more lively and have much more in depth analysis.  My writing skill needs improvement, but simply writing more of the same crap won’t help.  There isn’t any class to take nor any tutorials on writing good reviews or critics.  I can only learn by imitating the master minds.  I should start paying more attention to the good reviews and critics I come across, remember their forms, the perspective of the author and the use of vocabularies.  I will need to start a note book to jot down those writing techniques for reference and try them out in my new writings.  Once I forced myself to use the writing techniques a few times, it will become part of my writing style, so my writing will be more rich and lively.

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