Road Trip

After 12 hour of driving, 1000km of distance, I went from Vancouver to Portland and came back on the same day.  I think I have broken my record of traveling the most distance by car in one single day.  The road trip is not as tough as I thought.  I had a good sleep last night, woke up early today.  I start around 8a.m. and arrived in 2p.m, which is pretty close to the schedule estimated by Google map.  I turned around right away, stopped by Redmond to have dinner with my cousin around 6p.m., then another 2.5 hours to get home.  I stopped over at McDonald’s or gas stations almost every hour to stretch my legs and go to washroom.  My legs are not that tired, not as bad as skiing in Whistler for the whole day.  Driving only by myself is not too that bored, and it is quite productive.  I finished 1 audio book and half way through another today.  Listening to audio books gave me the intellectual stimulus that substitutes talking with the passengers to keep myself awake.  However, a person’s attention span last only about an hour, so I switched listening to music whenever my brain is overloaded, took the time to absorb the new knowledge until the next washroom break.  Then after I am refreshed from the rest, I can resume listening to audio books.  Now, it is time for me to take a good rest.  It is a really long day for me, but definitely worth it.

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