There are two ways to use jargons, one way is to pretend being intelligent and the other way is really being intelligent. Jargon is just a short cut to express some complicated concepts using a few words.  Jargons originate from various sources, such as science, psychology, economics, military, literature, etc.,  Then the original meaning of the word expands and they are borrowed to use in different context.  If you use a jargon without any explanation and your audience have no clue idea what the jargon is about, then you are just an inefficient communicator.  If  you don’t even know the meaning of the jargon yourself, then you are just bluffing nonsense.  However when the jargon is used right, it is a very powerful rhetorical tool.  You can instantly grabbed the audience’s attention with a short phrase.  After you take control of the conversation, you can then go on with explanation of the jargon and relate the jargon to the context.  Express your position with the help of jargons adds authorities, which makes your speech more persuasive.  Most people won’t question the concept behind the jargon, they will simply swallow whatever idea represented by the jargon, as long as it makes sense on the first glance.  In order to make my speech more vivid and intelligent, I compile a small but growing list of useful jargons.  Please check it out at here

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